Who am I?


Karen grew up feeling like an alien on earth. Not much has changed tho, but meeting people who are kind of aliens as well made earth feel less lonely. The world was a weird place, people were weird. She didn’t really feel like she fit in, didn’t understand what school was about, and certainly didn’t understand why people behaved the way they behaved. She felt like a stranger at home, a stranger at school, a stranger everywhere. Nothing, nobody, nowhere felt like home. Home being in a place and around beings where she felt seen and understood. She knew she was different but she didn’t knew why. She just thought she was weaker, more emotional, too sensitive or just plain stupid.

Karen is a very highly intuitive person, who feels the energy of people, places, words, animals, and so on. She thinks differently and her mind never stops thinking. Now she combines her exceptional ability to truthtfully feel and know things with the wisdom she gained through all the life lessons . Having read numerous books, she feeds her intellect by always wanting to know more, searching for answers and captivating deeper wisdom. Karen loves reading and is the typical introvert that curls up on the couch with a blanket and a good book that feeds her brain.

Karen chose an extremely difficult lifepath to become the healer and inspirer she is today. Going through several kinds of trauma and struggles, there ain’t much she hasn’t yet lived through. Knowing this was a path she deliberatly chose and had to go through, to gain this much wisdom and empathy, but it wasn’t always that simple.

Not feeling at home in her own home that felt to overly critical with zero room for emotional development, she longed for a partner that would feel like home, that would see her, hear her, understand her and vice versa. She was looking for a home on earth. A family, a partner, a teamplayer. Shortly said: looking for her soulmate.

Unfortunatly this search resulted in several toxic and narcisisstic relationships. Men that were emotionally abusive, mindfucked her, or were even physically abusive. The gaslighting was devastating and she completely lost herself. She struggled with depression, abandonment issues, cutting, borderline, panic attacks, …for years and years with the most dominant feeling: excrutiating loneliness in a world where nobody saw who she really was and what she truly felt. And it felt like nobody cared.

Since she was a child she had a lot of mystery symptoms, but in her late twenties her physical symptoms became unbearable. She worked as a social worker in different schools but never managed to get through the end of the week and called in sick every friday. She felt like she ran a marathon 24/7 while laying down and could never relax. The adrenaline kept rushing through her body. Exhaustion, insomnia, stomach and bowel problems, heart palpitations and muscle weakness were just a few of the symptoms. Doctors had no idea what was happening because on paper she was perfectly healthy. Saying it was probably all in her head she got diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.

A year later hell broke lose. She was again in a very toxic and violent relationship, living together with somebody who was jekyll and hyde, constantly tiptoeing around, trying to avoid the next outburst. After a year she was completely bedbound and her symptoms sky rocket including anaphylactic attacks, extreme muscle weakness, heart racing, fainting, intolerance to heat, food, sunlight, noise, light, violence, extreme fatigue to the point that speaking and eating was almost impossible,…. She got diagnosed with lyme disease but the treatment did nothing… it just got worse and worse.

After a fight with her parents and her boyfriend she was determined to stop being dependent and powerless. She wouldn’t ask for a thing anymore, and that meant also not being driven to doctors and treatment appointments. She decided to do it all on her own, even though she didn’t have the energy to lift a plate or go to the bathroom. But never again was she going to be dependent on people that didn’t respect her.

Karen started her own treatment which was the combination of all the knowlegde that she gained (over the 4 years that she was sick) and her intuition. She started her healing journey that included mostly one thing: what feels good and what doesn’t? Cutting out the things and people that didn’t feel good, and welcoming things that did feel good. It was not easy, but she had only one priority: how she felt!

She became a fan of the law of attraction and knows that this played a huge part in her healing. It became a very deep process of getting to know herself and dove deep into spirituality. For the first time she realised she was a highly sensitive person, an empath and had extrasensory gifts. Things started clicking. Later in life she realised she wasn’t just sensitive to energy but extremely sensitive in the sense that their is absolutely no filter. It took a long time realising what bad energies did to her health.

Karen found her passion and started helping people with Lyme disease but after a while she realised it was bigger then that and she was destined for more and deeper healing. She came across Teal Swan, mesmerized by her accurate knowledge and on-pointness she immediatly applied for the completion process training and got selected.

Since then she helps people all over the world recover from developmental trauma, narcissistic abuse and health issues.

A year later Karen entered hell for the second time, this time not because of health issues. Being a true fan of the law of attraction and being a powerfull manifestator, she got everything she wanted and started dating a man that gave her the feeling of ‘home’ that she was looking for for so long! It was total heaven!! It was epic! It was home on earth…Until two months later also this relationship turned into narcisisstic and emotional abuse. It took her to a place where the only thing she could think of was suicide. And for a long time she survived with only one thought in mind: when my dogs die, I will go with them.

Karen knows, like no one else, what it feels like to be in excrutiating pain wanting to leave this earth that doesn’t feel like home, filled with cruel people… but again she survived, struggled through the pain and can now look back at it with gratitude. She learned so much about life, people, pain, relationships, twin flames,the universe and became an even greater expert on the law and traumahealing.

She is the evidence that even when life knocks you down, once, twice, and more, you will rise again. Untill their is nothing left then a solid foundation and a you that knows exactly who she is, what she wants and won’t ever settle for less….

Karen knows now why she’s here, here on earth, why she chose this life

To be the inspiration to all of you and help you rise, shine and become the person you truly are

When there’s no hope… there’s no hope.. But still… Anything is possible!

Some Facts:

Born: 21ste october 1985, in Belgium (Diest)

Sign: Libra

MBTI: INFP (Idealist)

DISC/Insights: DI Dominant Influencer

Lifepath: 9 (The hermit)

Soul number: 8

Core negative imprint: stay small, having no rights, non existance, seperation

Dogs: Poppy (Akita Inu) and Aiko (Husky)