The only advice you’ll EVER need


The only advice you’ll EVER need

I read a quote once, like I read so many quotes, there’s so much wisdom in there. That small quote can strike you in a second!

The only advice that one person can give another about reading is to take no advice, to follow your own instincts, to use your own reason, to come to your own conclusions. – Virgina Woolf

And that hit me. Nothing has ever been more true 

I think it implies to everything. The only advice is to take no advice and to just follow what feels right for you. To do what feels right for you. Not what is right for everybody, or for the world… but just what feels good and right for you.

I had been sick for 4 years with lyme, CFS, PTSD,… And whatever other label you want to put on it. Those mystery symptoms nobody really knows where it comes from and what it is, with loads of theories and medications and treatments… It was real, it was terrifying, it was horrible… not knowing when my body would completely give up, how long I would live, what my life would look like, if it’d be always like this?

I wouldn’t have ever survived this mystery disease if I didn’t start to realise… that it was not about finding the next best treatment, finding the next best medication, finding the next best advice on how to heal. It was at the point that I realised…. It might be true for you, but that’s not necessarily true for me.

And that’s where I started thinking differently, started feeling and thinking for myself! Is this good for me? Does my whole being feels good with this? Does it raise my energy?

There is sooo much information, about soooo much stuff. We are overwhelmed with information, rules, advice, the next best health thing, the next best relationship advice, the next best dating advice,… ‘this is what you SHOULD do! This is what you may never ever do!’. And it makes us believe… that we have to do all these things to heal, to be happy, to have a great relationship! All these guru’s teaching us stuff about love, life, death, happiness,… and how to obtain it. It makes us feel like we have to follow these rules, if we ever want to be happy or healthy.

Well… speaking out of experience… that doesn’t have to be true. Nothing has to be true for you. You just feel, for yourself, in yourself,… does this feel good? Is this what I need right now? Does going on a raw diet make you feel energized, then do it! Does loads of chocolate make you feel like you can conquer the world? Then do it! Does taking revenge on that guy that promised you real love turned out to be a fuckboy? Do it! How does it make you feel? Empowered? Good! Crush his fucking ass!

In the end… it’s not about doing the ‘right’ thing… about what is scientifically proven to be the ‘right’ thing, what is experienced by thousands of people as the fastest way to feeling good,…. It’s all about taking in the thought, the feeling, the advice, the action, that resonates with you, that feels good to you.

So if this text doesn’t resonate with you, if my ‘advice’ doesn’t feel good to you, then throw it away, don’t waste your time reading something, or doing something that doesn’t feel good to you. Your feelings, your body will tell you exactly what it likes and doesn’t like, what direction to take or not to take…. All you gotta do is listen

In this world… with so many guru’s, with so much information, with so much science, with so many rights and wrongs, with so many stories,… all to our availability within a second… It’s all about.. how it feels… not about how is has to be or what you have to do.

In this age… it’s not a journey to more information… it’s a journey to yourself… and who you are and what you want.

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