Do you feel like an alien on earth?

You’re searching on the internet, looking at your local psychologists…you need help. You think there must be something wrong with you, with your life,… and you need deep healing so you can finally be ‘fixed’ and heal your trauma so you won’t be a match to this shit anymore…(which is what all those spiritual teachers, intuitive coaches, law of attraction fans,…and so on…. are telling you……ugh!!)

But you’ve done so much already …. and what you really feel like… is….. LONELY! Like… nobody seems to get it…how much it hurts. Nobody seems to get how you truly feel.. and you don’t even know if you still want to open up to… somebody. Because you don’t trust people! You don’t trust people at all! But you crave connection!

You don’t feel seen, you don’t feel heard… And you have never felt truly home, you have never felt truly loved and safe to open up. Are you the alien? Or were you dropped on earth as a human surrounded by aliens? It’s a mindfuck…

You don’t get it… You feel things.. things that other people don’t feel… you’re sensitive and you have a deep love for humans, animals, nature. It is just who you are. But it seems like nobody else is… what is this place? And why do you struggle so much?


You need some answers.. You need to heal to attract a more positive life and to fight through these fucking struggles…You need to fix yourself… you think!

Yep … I know how that feels… Been there, done that, thought that, lived it,…

Well, know this: There is nothing wrong with you, I sure as hell ain’t going to fix you, instead I will open your eyes and make you see who you truly are and where you lost yourself. Get ready to rock your fucking world!!!!

Aliens on Earth… Unite!



Old Soul

Wise Woman



Animal lover

My love Aiko
My beautiful girl Poppy

Karen is a very authentic and open person who makes me feel that I am allowed to have my most crazy moments and dark thought and there is nothing abnormal about this. I have more acceptance for my shadow side now. I like her dark humor at times. Quite often I was crying one moment and laughed a second after that. I had a breakthrough while working with her with feeling emotions in my body. Before I was quite blocked but since then “I made friends” with my body and it goes quite well now. Her supernatural gifts and intuition were helpful too and gave me more clarity. It was a pleasure working with you Karen, thank you. Aga, Poland

Karen is a very empathetic, supportive and patient practitioner. It was easy to trust her completely and feel safe and validated throughout the entire session.We worked on an issue which I didn’t think anyone would really be able to relate to (because noone who I had talked to about it before did). But to Karen I didn’t even have to explain anything because she immediately knew exactly how I felt. From that point on it was as if she was not only guiding me but also going through the experience with me. I am extremely grateful for how Karen has helped me and that I got to do the process with her. Thank you so much! Timon, Duitsland

Karen is an old soul. You can feel her wisdom and complete presence during sessions. She has an energy of allowing, simply by connecting with you during her calls. I felt at ease during our session and was able to access memories and emotions easily. She has a gift and I have no doubt she will help many people! Highly intuitive, non-judge mental and understanding. She’s also just a really sweet person. I highly recommend Karen in your healing process. Eleni, Texas

Karen is just awesome! I instantly felt a strong connection with her and made me feel safe giving me full permission to open up and begin my healing. speaking to her always makes me feel safe but especially not alone in my situation. I really enjoy her sessions and I am very grateful for the sessions she has giving me. They are intense but extremely helpful to understand myself and start finding resolution. I recommend Karen 100% !!!!! Alejandra, Miami

Karen is a great listener, I enjoyed her calming presence and wisdom. I booked 5 sessions – talking about personal issue first, and relationship issue later. After each session I felt better, quieter, understood. She is a very good guide, very good at redirecting the conversation and detecting the underlying issue.
I’m very grateful and honoured to have had the privilege to receive her guidance and suggestions. Thanks very much Karen. Phillip, Czech Republic

Before the sessions with Karen I had not visited any practitioners and was quite nervous, but she made me feel at ease from the get-go. So, I felt comfortable to share, and felt secure in being met in a very good way. There were times where I had trouble expressing myself or going into my feelings, but she noticed right away and helped me find ways of achieving it. There were mainly two things that I feel really helped me from our sessions. The first was being listened to by someone with as much insight as she has and being validated. It was quite like talking to a good friend. The other was her guiding me to discover the importance of some situation in my past. That was really surprising for me to find and I don’t think I would have been able to discover it myself without her help. I definitely recommend Karen. Thank you Karen! Meg, Vancouver Island